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The Journal of Korean Society for Neurotherapy (J Korean Soc Neur Ther) engages and inspires as an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal and deals with clinical neurorehabilitation in the areas of therapeutic intervention and functional recovery in all areas of neurological conditions including stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular disease, and other neurological disorders for human health and quality of life.

The Journal of Korean Society for Neurotherapy publishes articles of global relevance for examination, evaluation, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes for individuals with movement deficits due to neurological conditions with a pediatric and adult specialties. The journal accepts original quantitative and qualitative research reports, theoretical papers, systematic literature reviews, clinical case reports, and technical clinical notes. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
    Mansoo Ko Ph.D | Associate Professor
    | Department of Physical Therapy
    | The University of Texas Medical Branch

Associate Editor
    Bo-Gyeong Song | Kangwon University
    Dae-Hee Lee | U1 University

Editorial Board
    Jeong-Yi Kwon | Samsung Medical Center
    Hyo-Lyun Noh | Kangwon University
    Joo-Hyun Park | Catholic University Mary's Hospital
    Byung-Il Yang | Sangji University
    Sang-Suck Yeo | Dankook University
    Jae-Ho Yu | Sunmoon University
    이 Byeong-Hee Lee | Sahmyook University
    Hye-Seon Jeon | Yonsei University
    Sang-Mi Chung | Sangji Yeongseo University
    Hwi-Young Cho | Gachon University
    Bo-Young Hong | St. Vincent's Hospital
    Ji-Hun Hong

    | Sunmoon University Heather Jo Braden Heather Jo Braden / Angelo State University

Manuscript Editor
    Hyun-Joon Cho | Real Dimension Inc
    Yu-Sik Choi | Seoul Metropolitan Seonam Hospital

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Among the visitors to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October of 1999 who witnessed the demonstration of the DOI-X project, there were several representatives of the leading scientific, technical, and medical publishers. Recognizing that this prototype of a lookup system based on the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) held the key to a broad-based and efficient journal reference linking system, they took the unusual step of joining together as the non-profit, independent Publishers International linking Association Inc. (PILA), which was incorporated in January 2000 and Crossref went live as the first collaborative reference linking service in June 2000.

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